Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
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Tribute Concert for Musical Legacy Manos Loizos

June 23rth, 2012. Sponsored by the Metropolis of New Jersey, a three city concert tour celebrating the musical legacy of Manos Loizos came to Philadelphia this past week. Harry Antoniou (X Factor) and the Syn-Phonia Band performed at the Prince Theatre in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Excited fans of the Greek American community of Philadelphia were treated to 2 hours of music. A Nostalgic reflection of one of the most recognized Greek composer in the world also caught many a fans in stumped by the fact that he had written so many popular songs in his short carrier (Manos Liozos). Earlier that day, some of the performers gathered at the Lowes hotel to talk about the tour and the incredible legacy of (Greek Cypriot) Manos Loizos. This is a two part special interview and concert showing. Tune in on Thursday for the musical portion.


  1. Ioanna Kelarakis

    Love your body of work. I am enjoying the slideshows. What a great way to learn and stay informed….your videos are great! I have some favorites….

    I appreciate your Pontic dance videos….such a great way to preserve Greek folkloric dance history.

    Congrats my friend,


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