November 15th, 2012. Upper Darby. Weekly summary from MR.PGBL CORNER.

Revolution 53 vs. Sixers 48

In a game where the Rev started off shorthanded. I honestly didn’t think they had a chance to win. Well, not only was I wrong, the Rev led for the whole game. Pete Kada made it look easy with 29 points. Kada hit four three-pointers in the first half alone and put on a jump shooting clinic all throughout the game. The Rev got three three-pointers from John Skordos as well. Vasili Nasis was a late arrival, but the Revolution were already in the lead when he arrived. Now at 6-0, The Rev look very strong and will go into the game against the Kings with confidence.

The Sixers couldn’t get enough offense tonight and couldn’t get out into the open court to run. Tony Grammenos led the team in scoring with 19 points including four three-pointers. Not the heroic performance he had in the previous game but still very solid. Jim Armenakis followed with 17 points and shot pretty well from the foul line. The Sixers could have used some more points from their bench or other starters, but unfortunately, nobody else could contribute enough. Next game against the Terps should be a chance to rebound.

Game ball goes to Pete Kada

Kings 63 vs. Spurs 61 Game of the night

Chris Kourelias was all over the floor tonight with 24 points. 14-18 from the free throw line and a handful of huge rebounds. Kourelias is having a very good season thus far and has stepped up when the Kings needed him. Also having a great season for the Kings is their current leading scorer Foti Giannopoulos with 17 points. Giannopoulos played very tough in the paint and was also hustling hard for loose balls and diving on the floor. But it was a struggling Bill Zonios who came alive late in the game with a crucial three-pointer, and with about 8 seconds left on the clock with the game tied, Zonios took the inbound pass and went all the way down the court to drill a mid-range jumper for the win. I’ve been told his 3rd game winner in the PGBL.

What a tough loss for the Spurs. With about 15 seconds left and the Spurs trailing by 3, Vas Rousseas (28pts) looked like the Vas of old when he hit a deep three-pointer off the glass to tie the game!. Unfortunately, Zonios came down the other way and hit a big shot of his own. Rousseas played an excellent game in my opinion, especially late with a couple huge and one plays to bring the Spurs to close. Kosta Nikolos also had a heck of a game with 18 points, most coming from the paint and some fast break layups. The Spurs need to regroup now and get ready to face the winless Grizzlies in two weeks.

Game ball goes to Bill Zonios

Warriors 83 vs. Terps 73

George Vlahos looked like his old self with 35 points! Vlahos played a very smart game, and he quietly led the Warriors back to a .500 record with his offense. He also shot 9-10 from the line. That’s 90 % if you’re not good at math. Aris Haritonidis was also a problem for the Terps with 19 points. This game was a blowout from the very beginning. I don’t remember the last time I saw a 30 point lead in the first half. Will Galiatsatos scored 15 points for the team, 11 of which came in the 1st half. The Warriors are the champions of this league, let’s not forget that. And until somebody beats them in the playoffs, the throne is theirs.

Terpin time may have to be delayed until the next game. Niko Balis filled up the stat sheet with 31 points. A lot of those were late-game points after the game had already gotten away but if the shots are falling, keep shooting. Pete Kyriakodis and George Fisfis both added 11 points, mostly in the second half. The second half is when the Terps fought back and made the score look respectable. The Terps need to get their chemistry right and prepare for the Sixers in 2 weeks.

Game ball goes to George Vlahos