Some say it’s lonely at the top. But at St. Demetrios church, there are many contenders in the PGBL battling to for that number position. This past week, the defending champs, the Sixers showed up in full force and thumped FOB, 69-43. Their performance was given a nod and left you thinking. Could they do it?

While in game two, the Wolfpack fought off an always scary, Rip City, in a scrappy match, 73-60. It left them tied for 1st place with Danny’s Boys. Next week the show down between the two will commence.

In game three, the Kings decided to wake up after a series of losses. They put up 88 points before the Spartans threw in the towel and stopped the game with more than 30 seconds left. Final score 88-68. They will have to dominate a few more games to get people believing, but this performance mirrored a team from last year that threatened for the championship. Midway through the season, there are 4, maybe 5 serious contenders all fighting for the top. It’s still up for grabs it seems.