This year with great success, our annual Tsipourovradia dinner-dance reached a new high, and we couldn’t be happier. We organized the first yearlyTsipourovradia in March 2007, fourteen years ago. With a collective group of volunteers who continue to work diligently for our Society, the reputation of our dance has transcended the Philadelphia community, becoming known to a greater audience, especially to our fellow Hellenes in Greece.

The event has evolved into a philanthropic affair that supports the Greek-American community and efforts abroad in Greece. The Monastery of Panagia Dourachani in Ioannina has become one of the benefactors of this dance. Over these many years, our Society has donated a total of $15,000 to the monastery. We also developed a “feed the hungry” initiative in Philadelphia. Funds totaling $8,000 have been given thus far. Also, this year, we added another institution to the list of our philanthropic endeavors. The Ark of the World, based in Pogoniani, Ioannina, will receive funding totaling $7,000 to cover part of their annual needs.

There is a great need for this type of activity that started fourteen years ago, not only to maintain but also to expand it. I urge all the people of the Society of Epirotes community and especially the youth to get involved with our organization in whatever way they can. The Society unites us and preserves our future as a voice in the community. It also brings together our youth, and I firmly believe that along, we can move ahead and achieve more.

One of the secrets of a fulfilled life that is worth living is what we do for others with kindness and fellowship. I would like to thank all those that helped in the preparation and execution of theTsipourovradia – as well as those supporters that come to our annual dance. I hope to see you all again next year on March 6, 2021.

Best Regards

Konstantinos Kravaris
President of the Epirotes Society of Philadelphia “OMONIA”