Friday, June 21st, 2024
Nameday of Afrodisios

About Cosmos Philly

Cosmos Philly is about us; our Greek American community as a Diaspora culture

Our goal is to preserve and perpetuate our identity, by sharing our past and present while providing a voice for the community. Via technology, we provide a multi-media platform to the community, region and the world.

Cosmos Philly is recognized as the best Greek multi-media forum covering the metropolitan Philadelphia area. We develop documentaries, news, and features via video, photography, and reporting. We also provide a variety of blogs from within the community that covers a range of subjects from a global level to the community. Every week, we bring insight to the Greek experience from around the metropolitan area with a sprinkling of the world. If it’s happening here in Philly, be sure that Cosmos Philly will bring it to light.

Founded and headquartered as an independent multi-media social forum for the Greek American community of Philadelphia, USA in the summer of 2011, you can find our team around the streets of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Our Team

Vasilis Keisoglou – CO-FOUNDER

Vasilis is the Co-Founder and head of Videography at Cosmos Philly. A veteran TV videographer from Epirus, Greece, he worked in many notable Greek television productions for over 10 years. He has been recognized on various occasions for his excellent work and creativity within Northern Greece and within the Philadelphia Greek community, where he has worked on Greek radio and television developing and managing programming.

Vasilis incorporated the idea of video pieces to Cosmos Philly in the summer of 2011 and quickly grew it to the premier source of visual Greek-American news in the Philadelphia metro area.

Eleftherios Kostans – CO-FOUNDER

Eleftherios is the Co-Founder and head of Photography at Cosmos Philly. Eleftherios is an award-winning veteran international photographer who has worked for a variety of organizations, agencies, and publications. His work has appeared in Time, Newsweek, People, Odyssey, and Wired magazines.

Eleftherios was named by the “Greek American News” as an up-and-coming artist in 2001. He has been interviewed by both Greek and Turkish television and radio and has been featured at Greek and for his groundbreaking work on Black Sea culture which appeared in a BBC documentary. His work has been exhibited from Istanbul to North America and at many community events and reminds the greater Greek community about the wide reach of Hellenism in the Black Sea region. More on Eleftherios can be found at