Supreme President George G. Horiates joined a delegation of AHEPANS who participated in a Rally coordinated by the Hellenic Cultural Center. The AHEPA delegation also had the Executive Director Basil Mossaidis, and members of the Capitol District #3 District Lodge, most notably District Warden Georgios Comninos and Lt. Governor Angelo Tsoutsis.

The peaceful protest turned ugly when Turkish counter-protestors began exhibiting Turkish propaganda and physically blocked access on a public sidewalk in front of the Turkish Embassy located on Massachusetts Ave, NW in Washington, DC. The Supreme President, in conjunction with Secret Service and Metropolitan DC police personnel, resolved what was becoming a tense situation.

The Supreme President stated: “We thank the law enforcement officers, George Marafatsos from the HCC and the members of Capitol District #3 Lodge for their involvement. We thank the city of Washington, DC for allowing the rally to take place in an effort to bring worldwide attention to the egregious actions of Turkey in The Eastern Mediterranean as well as the violation of the UNESCO protected Agia Sophia which has now become a mosque”.

The Supreme President also noted the rally was small but spirited. This was due to the limited number of protesters allowed because of COVID-19 restrictions and proper social distancing protocols. Turkish propaganda included historical distortions and outright lies in regards to Greece’s sterling record on Human Rights, Cyprus’ treatment of Turkish Cypriots, and further perversions of historical facts designed to confuse the witnessing public.

All throughout the day, the Supreme President received constant updates from United States officials with regards to the status of today’s meetings between US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in Vienna, Austria. The Supreme President also received confirmation of receipt of last night’s correspondence to President Trump in advance of the meeting in regard to the current situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Supreme President reiterates his call for AHEPA membership now more than ever and in these crucial times, do your part, do your duty, get your membership current, get new members, and BOYCOTT Turkey!