Jersey City, NJ – Andrew C. Zachariades, Past Supreme President of the Order of AHEPA was honored with an AHEPA Testimonial Gala this past Sunday. The event brought together many of his friends, family, and members of the AHEPA from around the country.

Following a cocktail reception, the guests were treated to a program that featured slide shows and speakers who shared and in part roasted their beloved past president. They affectionately focused on his dedication to Hellenism, and especially his service through the AHEPA, along with his time that he sacrificed, dedicated Hellenic issues.

One by one, former AHEPA presidents, parishioners, Greek government representatives, and more, sang their praises for Zachariades. They spoke about his outspoken and straightforward character and described him as a man who was not fearful of speaking the truth. Zacharaides is a man who led the AHEPAThe evening closed with current Order of AHEPA Supreme President Carl Hollister’s comment, who’s statement summarized Zachariades leadership. “Your a tough act to follow.” Zacharides then arose from his seat to the sounds of clapping and embraced Hollister at the podium.