Friday, May 20th, 2022
Nameday of Lida, Leeda, Lydia, Lidia, Lidie, Lyda, Lydie, Lito, Leto, Lyto

AHEPA Family Supreme Convention

40th Anniversary “Thermopylae” Track Meet

Capitol Hill Day Hosted by AHEPA

AHEPA Chapter #69 of Camden Hosts Annual Winter Initiation

AHEPA, B’nai B’rith Laud New Holocaust Museum in Thessaloniki, Greece

AHEPA Receives $1.25 Million Gift from Estate of Nancy Horton

Inaugural Mid-Atlantic AHEPA Hellenic History Tournament Launches

Fifth District AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation, Million Dollar Mark Reached

AHEPA Provides Additional Aid to Flint Water Crisis Victims

AHEPA Chapter 69 Hosts 2016 Membership Initiation

AHEPA Welcomes President Obama’s November Visit to Greece

1936 Olympic Relay Torch to Be Displayed at Odyssey Charter School 10th Anniversary Celebration

AHEPA Dismayed with NBC’s Historical Inaccuracies during Opening Ceremony of Olympic Games

Zachariades Elected AHEPA Supreme President

AHEPA 10th Annual Olympic 5k Run

AHEPA Announces National Honorees for Athletics

AHEPA Athletic Hall of Fame Announces 2016 Inductees

AHEPA Family Members Commemorate 20th Anniversary of Tribute Sculpture Dedication

AHEPA’s Statement on Hagia Sophia

The 11th Annual Journey to Greece 2016 Summer Program

AHEPA Honors America’s Fallen Heroes

Daughters of Penelope Honors Dignitaries & Assembles Backpacks for Children in Need

Marching to a Million, Fifth District AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation nears goal

26th Annual AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation Fundraiser

John W. Galanis

John W. Galanis Elected AHEPA Supreme President

Dr. Theoklis Zaoutis – Raising Awareness for Greek Hospitals