Broomall, PA – They came from the northeast and took away two wins this weekend at St. Luke Greek Orthodox church. Two victories were secured for the boys teams of Annunciation and Evangelismos Greek Orthodox churches GOYA basketball teams.

St. George of Media hosted Annunciation in the opener and took an early lead of 8-0, before Annunciation woke up and scored. St. George was without starter Panos Skoutelas, but no matter, AJ Avazioglou dropped the opening 2 buckets as three point shots quickly putting them into the lead. Annunciation had their own problems. No bench for the first 3 periods. The five man roster was enough though. They stayed close and took the lead with their speed and drives to the basket. Full court pressure applied late in the third period and through the fourth by St. George, got them with in one point.  Annunciation then found themselves being sent to the foul line late in the fourth quarter over and over again. Coaches always say, make your foul shots, they make the difference. Apparently the boys of Annunciation had listened and practiced. They went 7 for 8 on the foul line in the last two and half minutes, giving them the victory. Final score: Annunciation 48, St. George 42.

In game two, the Bustleton boys Evangelismos, played host team St. Luke in matchup that saw leads exchanged over and over again in the first half. Some key three pointers and drives to the basket by Greg Vlassopoulos and Christopher Palmieri kept St. Luke close. But the ability to control the boards throughout the game by the Bustleton squad, and their speed on the floor was too much for St. Luke. Evangelismos held off a late press and three pointer that brought St. Luke with in a bucket and would have given them their second victory. Final score: Evangelismos 56, St. Luke 53.