Broomall, PA – This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Artemis Tsingiropoulos on Cosmos Philly. But it’s not every day we hear about someone in our community skydiving to celebrate their 50th birthday. It’s surreal and like something you might see in a movie. Most of us who cross that landmark age in life, make jokes about doing such a thing by saying, it’s on my bucket list. But this time, it happened. It’s the real life movie of Artemis Tsingiropoulos, Tami as she’s known to her friends.

“Life is like a good movie, and I want to star in it, not watch it. I’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy life and always, always count my blessings”, says Tami Tsingiropoulos.

Tsingiropoulos is a member of the St. Luke Greek Orthodox community and a former GOYA athlete. She has coached her church track team and basketball teams. A mother of two boys and wife to George for 25 years, she is an avid runner and sports lover.

When asked about the future, she says, “all I can say is I like making the best of my life and having fun. I like experiencing new and exciting things. I love giving myself challenges and definitely like to push the envelope. Doing this was something I said I was going to do when I turned 50 for a long time. So I didn’t want to go back on my word. What will I do when I turn 60? Hmmm… God willing, something just as exciting… probably not knitting but you never know”.