Saturday, June 6th, 2020
Nameday of Ilarion, Ilarionas, Ilaria, Ilariada, Lariada

Tom Hanks… Just Call Him Papou

Venetia Bebi, A Greek-American Artists Journey

An American actor reaching back to Ancient Greece to teach the children of today

Seizmos heats up the night

Discobolus Goes to Australia

City Bar & Grill welcomes back Greek community

City Bar & Grill presents: Bouzoukia Live with Seizmos!

Atlantis of Philadelphia, The mega Greek band

Short film “LEAST” – official trailer

Reworks Festival coming to Thessaloniki

Haris Alexiou dazzles audiences in Israel

Rebetika Greek Music Documentary

​300 Sequel Official Trailer Released

Van Vlahakis, he was Green before Green was cool…

“Vegas” leaves mark on Philly’s Greeks

Pop trio “Vegas” visits Philadelphia

A Cretan Green Story: From Kazantzakis to Vlahakis

GOYA Sights and Sounds Returns to St.Thomas

American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Philly’s Greek community has “Sights and Sounds”

“My Excuse” Greek Rock Band visits Philly

An Interview with Diamantis Dionisiou and Katerina Topazi

Bouzouki Night at City Bar & Grill

“A Promise of Remembrance”, Interview with Harry Karapalides

Elli Kokkinou Sings at Whispers in Philadelphia

Kokkinou Rocks Philly

Elli Kokkinou Comes to Philly

Philly’s 2nd Annual Tsipouro Contest At Pontian Lesxi

Giorgos Xylouris at the World Cafe

Crete’s Giorgos Xylouris brings Traditional Folk music to Philly

Georgetown Cup Cake Duo Sweetens Philly

Basile Laughing Out Loud

Basile, Complete with Foustanella!

Volos Greece Breaks Guinness Syrtaki Dance Record

Animated history of the Olympic Games

House Music heats up Philly

John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show

Cosmos Philly Special – Music of Manos Loizos Pt. 2

Tribute Concert for Musical Legacy Manos Loizos

Musical Legacy, Concert for Manos Loizos Part 1

An Interview at Adelphia Restaurant, with Stelios Dionysiou