Philadelphia, PA – On Saturday, the 2nd annual Philly Cheesesteak and Food Festival was hosted at Citizen Park parking lot. The event featured some 50 food vendors, live music and plenty of hungry cheesesteak fans. The Philly Phanatic made an appearance and got the crowd excited by gyrating and dancing throughout the afternoon.

A craft beer garden, live radio broadcast, and plenty of VIP cooking demonstrations added to the flavor of this newly enacted annual event. The event was anchored by the Astra Foods Cheesesteak eating contest that featured some of Philadelphia’s finest contestants. Astra Food employees worked through the afternoon, preparing steaks for two hours and brought them out on trays for each contest. All eyes at the event were focused on the giant table stacked with cheesesteaks and contestants. The announcer counted down the seconds and off they went.

Contestants first soaked their sandwiches in water to help speed up the chewing before downing the famed steak and bread delicacy Philly is known for. When the tenth minute was counted, the winner was announced. Bob “Notorious” Shoudt had claimed the title for the second year in a row. Shoudt said that he gets plenty of practice and says, “timing how much and how fast you eat is the difference.” The annual event continues to grow as a Philadelphia fall tradition.