Jon Sideriadis is a Greek American illustrator, author, and college professor who is taking his life-long love for mythology to a whole new level with the upcoming publication of his new book Astromythos: Era of Stars (Book One), that is currently live on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. The award-winning artist specializes in fantasy art, storytelling, and world-building, and has spent almost 20 years of his life looking up at the stars to develop his characters and stories and building completely original mythology for Astromythos.

“Astromythos,” which literally translates to “the star myth,” is a Greek word John invented to serve as the title for a collection of illuminated books that he has been working on for several years. He started developing the characters and their stories in the year 2000, and ever since he’s been building completely original mythology to which he’s dedicated his life. In English, Astromythos combines the words “astronomy” and “mythology,” two subjects for which he holds an intrinsic passion. Each book is a collection of original myths, fully illustrated, and inspired by epic poetry.

Astromythos book cover

Renowned artists and creators Brian and Wendy Froud, who have made major contributions to such legendary films as Star Wars, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth, introduce the book and praise Sideriadis’ work saying, “Each page is alive with art as poetry and poetry as art. Delicate paintings contrast with strong, graphic illuminations that enhance the richness of the worlds themselves.”

Astromythos: Era of Stars (Book One) is a story of how the stars came to be, and their fight to save each other from destructive forces looking to rid the universe of its light. It’s a battle of good and evil, light and darkness, of stars and black holes. If you love Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars, you’ll love this book.

Jon teaches Illustration, Drawing, Concept Art, and World Building at the University of New Haven as the Illustration Program Coordinator and has had a varied and impressive career. He has been published in films, novels, comics, and the gaming industry, as well as displayed in solo and group shows nationwide. He has worked in Hollywood as a creature-effects artist and sculptor on Godzilla, Underworld, and Silent Hill. He has a bachelor’s degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and received his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in illustration from the Hartford Art School. He serves as the Art Director and Curator for the Spartan Museum of Art, a new museum dedicated to Spartan history and culture that is part of the University of Connecticut’s Hellenic Studies Program and the Paideia Center for Hellenic Studies.

Jon is proud of his Greek heritage, and if you had the opportunity to sit in on his world-building class, you would hear him describe his childhood fascination with Greek mythology and church iconography. In the summer, he teaches painting classes at Aegean University in Rhodes, Greece, which is part of the University of New Haven’s study abroad program.

If you would be interested in learning more about Jon’s venture or owning a copy of his unique book, Astromythos: Era of Stars, please visit Those who support the Kickstarter will receive a copy of the book, and other unique items based on the level of backing. The Kickstarter campaign can be found under the title Astromythos or under its publisher, Art Order, and will run through Thursday, August 27, 2020, at 7 pm.