Cherry Hill, NJ – The Beneficial Velvendinon Society “Philopatria” hosted its 115th year anniversary dance this past Saturday night at St. Thomas Greek Orthodox Church. The event attracted the Velvenidinon and greater community out for an evening that commemorated the oldest Greek organization in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

“I want to thank everyone for coming out this evening and for preserving our the future of our community,” said Mihalis Agouridakis, President of the Society. Agouridakis went on to thank the members and those that continue to support the endeavors of the organization both here and abroad, especially back in the town of Velvendino.

The Pan-Macedonian Society of Philadephia Dance Troupe also performed at the event. A selection of regional dances was featured from the region by twelve folk dancers. The public joined afterward and danced through the night.

“We recently launched a new nonprofit foundation as part of the Venvendinon Society,” said John Georganas, foundation chairman. “We are looking forward to connecting with our hometown back in Greece and to our community here in the Philadelphia metropolitan area,” he added. The foundation works with other local Greek organizations as well as the Children Hospital of Philadelphia to name a few. The also sponsor preserving a library back in Velvendo and projects for their community.

Dimitris Varsaopoulos of the Cultural Association of Velvendino Greece was in here in the United States visiting and representing Velvendino. He expressed gratitude to his Greek American partners, the Beneficial Velvendinon Society “Philopatria” for all they do, to preserve and perpetuate the town.