Michael Bassiakos was recognized this past week for his award winning wedding video. Thirty-three year old Bassiakos emerged the winner of the international competition Photodex/SCU for the best wedding video of 2014!

Τhe video by Michael Bassiakos “Love in the City of Lights” stood out, amongst 40 entries, for its exceptional camera and editing. Shot entirely in Paris, France, it includes traffic scenes, the Metro, Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile and Louvre.

Bassiakos spoke about his recent success with Cosmos Philly’s Vasilis Keisoglou.

“I’m trying to adjust to what happened these past few days,” said Bassiakos. “I thought the contest was credible and therefore I decided to participate.” I forgot all about my submission until the email came from the Photodex/SCU. “Since winning the contest, the media attention has been constant and overwhelming,“ says Bassiakos.

Michael Bassiakos’ work can be found at www.camshot.gr.