Philadelphia, PA – Blue and white flags dressed the exterior of the Greek Orthodox church on Bustleton ave. this weekend. Evangelismos hosted it’s Greek Festival by rolling out a pride filled weekend of all things Greek.

Like a scene reminiscent of a Greek village, children played along the steps of the church where many were heard speaking Greek, adding to the nostalgic feeling of being home.

The white tent adjacent to the church echoed the sounds and sights of Greek and Greek music, while the aromas filled the air. Lines of guests and neighbors salivated as they sampled their favorite Grecian delights. Behind the lines, men and women prepared kontosouvli in the spit and sliced layer after layer of gyros that were wrapped in pita bread for hungry eyes.

The Greek school students performed traditional Greek village dances during dinner. Circling on the floor, eager parents snapped up the historic moment for the community as the generational tide continued. Popular Greek music was performed by Stoxos, who kept the crowd dancing late into the evening.

Another year had passed for this community as it celebrated and shared it’s cultural ties with it’s neighbors. In traditional fashion, it continues to hold on to the fabric of roots from one generation to the next.