Valley Forge, PA – The parishioners of St. Sophia were beaming again this month. Their favorite Byzantine artist, Dr. George Kordis has returned from Athens to continue his iconography painting of St. Sophia. Dr. Kordis, Father Thornberg and parishioner Sophia Papadakes spoke about the ongoing iconography and it’s significance to the community.

Just two years ago, St. Sophia opened it’s doors of their new church to their parishioners. A stunning frescoes series covered the interior of their dome. The work was done by Dr. George Kordis and his staff who came in from Greece. His remarkable work is recognized not only for it’s style and use of color but the materials used to achieve his highly regarded Byzantine iconography. Mineral pigments, white wine and yoke, simple elements brought together from long time ago. This Byzantine iconographic process of painting is rarely seen here in the Delaware Valley.

Dr. Kordis has just completed the latest phase of painting at St. Sophia, by creating the images on the Iconostasis and the walls at the rear of the church interiors. In our interview, Dr. Kordis talks about his process and his return to St. Sophia.