Santorini, Greece – Prehistoric man is almost always featured living in caves. When we look back, it’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come. Now imagine making that human odyssey and returning to this type of simple lodging for a vacation. It may not sound appealing at first, but if the dwelling was a bit more refined, and if the location was Santorini, we bet you’d at least reconsider.

In the tiny seaside town of Oia, such a place exists. Facing the Aegean sea with one of the most spectacular sunset views in the world, this white washed cave is a paradise you will likely covet.

It was once a 19th century sea captain’s home, but is now part of a series of luxury lodges. It now bears a name reflecting its history, “1864 – The Sea Captain’s House”. It has been converted and renovated into a stunning cave suite by Patsios Architecture, whose scheme is all white. It’s airy and fresh feel echoes what all that is Santorini, despite it’s lack of windows.

The Cave suite is designed as an ideal location for two to four guests. Its large space has two bedrooms, dressing areas and bathrooms – each made of white marble, and one also has a deep soaking tub. After relaxing in the bath, visitors can take advantage of the private yard and seaside terrace, basking in the warm Grecian sun.

Images courtesy of Vangelis Paterakis.