Bensalem, PASigmapharm Laboratories hosted its annual Christmas Party yesterday to its enthusiastic employees. The event featured an evening of food, fun, and unity for a company that had much to be thankful for. The event was highlighted by a speech from CEO and founder, Spiro Spireas, Ph.D.

“It was a beautiful year. A year of creativity and productivity” explained CEO Spiro Spireas, Ph. D. “Today, we are celebrating the fact that we grew exponentially from 100 employees to 150 plus”, added Spireas as he addressed his employees at the party. Sigmapharm also purchased new buildings, added equipment and expanded its research and development. During his speech, Spireas announced that Sigmapharm Laboratories has many new products they are looking to distribute and international markets they will be expanding into; including South America, Europe, and Asia.

The company launched in 2005 by Spireas continues to grow and show much promise. “Things are looking very upbeat for the company. I am very happy because we started literally from zero, and we are becoming a company people will be talking about real soon”, said Spireas.

Following his speech to the staff of Sigmapharm, we spoke with Spireas in depth about his future as a Hellene in the community. Spireas announced that he would continue to be involved in many future projects. One of them is a possible parochial school in New Jersey he is negotiating with the Archdiocese. The other is his relationship to AHI in Washington DC, where he has served as foundation president. What became evident in our conversation, is that Spiro Spireas is a tireless and dedicated Hellene that will stay the course and continue supporting the Greek-American community at large.