Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
Nameday of Anatoli, Fotine, Fotini, Foto, Fotoula, Photini, Photine, Photo, Photoula, Fay, Porfirios, Porfyrios, Porfiros, Porfyros, Sebastianos, Sevastianos, Sebastian

As it happens: First Resurrection at Evangelismos

Good Friday Service at St. Thomas

As it happens: Great and Holy Thursday at Evangelismos

As it happens: Palm Sunday Liturgy at Evangelismos

Hymnology of Great Lent at St. Thomas

St. Demetrios is looking for a new School Director & Greek Language Teachers

Upper Darby Greek Festival to kick off on May 16th

Salutations Service and Pontian Genocide Ceremony at St. Demetrios

St. Demetrios, Paving the Road to a Modern Greek School Education

St. Demetrios Greek School Celebrates Greek Independence Day

As it happens: Doxology for Greek Independence Day at Evangelismos

St. Thomas Groundbreaking: Campanile

St. Thomas Hellenic School Celebrates 90 Years

A Winter Greek Food Feast in South Jersey

St. George of Media Takes First Place at 2019 Folk Dance Festival, Two Years in a Row

Epiphany Day Celebration Reaches Ten Year Mark

As it happens: Epiphany Day Service in Jeffersonville

Christmas Liturgy at Evangelismos

Christmas Liturgy at Evangelismos of Theotokos

Mr. & Mrs. Claus Visit St. Demetrios

Mr. & Mrs. Claus Visit St. Demetrios

St. Demetrios New Year’s Eve Dance

Toddler in black sweater standing in front of Santa Claus

Picture & Breakfast With Santa

Help Wanted: Church Sexton

As it happens: Great Doxology for the Liberation of Chios

Bouzoukia Night to support St. Demetrios Greek School

A Taste of Greece Food Festival to kick off at St. Demetrios

As it happens: Liturgy and Memorial Service for all Heroes of OXI Day

Great Festal Vespers at St. Demetrios

Evangelismos of Theotokos to Host Bid ‘N Buy

Family, Folk Dancing and Food at the St. Thomas Agora

Danielle Kousoulis Memorial Cup, Eighteen Years Post 9/11

A Greek Village Festival in Philadelphia, Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

St. George Celebrates 75th Anniversary Greek Festival

Forty-One Years Later, St. Luke’s Greek Affair Continues

St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral Autumn Ball Benefit

The Greek Affair

St. Luke to host Greek Affair 2018

St. Thomas to host Greek Agora Fall Affair

St. Thomas to host Greek Agora Fall Affair

St. Demetrios New School Year

St. Demetrios Opens its Doors to the New School Year

New Curriculum Launches St. Demetrios into the future of Greek School Education

Dancing the Night away at the St. Sophia Greek Festival

Evangelismos to host Greek Fall Food Festival 2018

St. George Annual Greek Festival to kick off in Media on September 27

St. Sophia Greek Fall Festival Returns