Philadelphia, PA – The Greek community packed into City Bar and Grill this past Saturday night. A quiet summer for the Greeks around the Philly metro area had definitively come to a close as the first big Bouzoukia night launched.

Seizmos, one of the areas hot Greek bands along with Rena Tsapelas (vocals) and Chris Haliyiannis (clarinet) brought the crowd to a frenzy for nearly 3 hours, playing an assortment of Greek music from past to present. The party kicked off sometime after midnight with Tsapelas working the crowd, which later became a duet of sorts with Evan Karapanagiotides lead singer and guitarist of Seizmos.

City Bar and Grill has become the home of the Greek night anthem that Philly Greeks have been longing for these past few years. It is the only place around Philly that consistently hosts a Saturday Greek Bouzoukia night around the metropolitan area. Vasili Kitsios and wife Kiki launched the local hot spot a little less than a year ago. “We want people to have a place to come and celebrate our music and culture. A place that we can call our own and feel Greek”, said Vasili Kitsios.

City Bar and Grill also hosts an Arabic night on Fridays and Monday night NFL football night with a buffet.