The 37th Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival is pleased to present the Philadelphia Premiere of CLOUDY SUNDAY, Greece’s award-winning epic drama.

Set in Thessaloniki, Greece, during the German occupation, this engrossing historical melodrama about forbidden love and the cruelty of war details what happened to Greece’s Sephardic Jewish community during the Holocaust.

Estrea (Christina Hilla Fameli) is a beautiful Jewish woman enlisted as a typist for Giorgo (Haris Fragoulis), an underground Christian resistance fighter, who needs help translating important communications from the Allies. In the midst of violence and rumors of deportation, the two young people fall in love and find themselves unable to break free from their fervent devotion despite the increasing odds against them.

Meanwhile, the only local respite from the escalating tension is a small music club where the famed Greek composer, Vasilis Tsitsanis (Andreas Konstantinou), calms the souls of his listeners with beautiful Rebetika folk melodies. Inside the club’s four walls, Tsitsanis uses music as a form of resistance, enabling him to momentarily spare his guests from the despair and gloom hovering over their city. As the Germans close in on Thessaloniki, Estrea is forced to choose between making a new life with Giorgo or risking death at the hands of the Nazis.

In fact, the film’s English title, CLOUDY SUNDAY, references Tsitsanis’ beloved classic Synnefisameni Kyriaki (Συννεφιασμένη Κυριακή), one of the songs featured in the movie.

Original Title: Ouzeri Tsitsanis
Manousos Manousakis
Genre: Narrative Feature
Country: Greece
Year: 2015
Running Time: 118 min
Language: Greek w/ English subtitles

Philadelphia Premiere
Date: Sunday, November 12
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Reel Cinemas Narberth 2

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