“It will be my first time in the United States and Canada and certainly not my last. This is a dream about to come true,” says accomplished Greek comedian and actor, Markos Seferlis, as he prepares for his first ever North American Tour in the spring of 2014.

By Elizabeth Tzoumaka

“I will be performing for that Greek-American community who has for so many years, honored me with their love either through my television appearances or the Internet. So many of my fans visit me and enjoy my theatrical productions during their summers in Greece. Now it is I who will travel to meet and greet them and spread the laughter!”

Markos Seferlis

Markos Seferlis

His theatrical “journey” started very humbly, performing as an amateur actor in productions in his native Corinth, Greece. “I loved the whole idea of wearing costumes and being someone other than myself but I never sought to become a professional performer,” he notes. “As an ‘ace’ student in school, my folks voiced a parent’s common desire for their children to study medicine, law and such. I ‘failed’ them but I managed to give them great satisfaction as they witnessed the people’s joy and laughter during my performances. As the proverbial ‘clown’ that I was, my friends directed me to drama school and the rest is history.”

Since 1990 and for 24 continuous years Markos Seferlis has been identified as a “staple” of Greek comedy through the television series “TAXI” which he created and carried through with the help of unsuspecting passengers resulting in hysterical laughs!


The year 2004 was decisive year for Seferlis, both professionally and personally. At the famed “PEROKE” theater in Athens, he produced and starred in the comedy play “PASOK MOU… SORRY”. He tenderly recalls that this was the last production his father enjoyed before his untimely passing. He was always proud of his son’s success in an industry that was difficult and unmerciful. However, that same year, his beloved son, Haris, was born.

Seferlis’ North American tour promises to spread the “LAUGHTER… GREEK STYLE”, as is the title of the play to be presented here. It is a timely satire of the situational realities that absorb the Greek people today. Raw and unbridled laughter is what the audience should expect from Markos and his comedy group through the interpretations of various characters and hilarious personalities. “I believe in Greece and the Greek people. In these trying days, we can, with good humor, ‘ride the storm’ until we are on our feet once again,” he says.


Besides Markos, the production boasts a wonderful group of accomplished actors in their own right. Elena Tsavalia, who is also his wife, Yiannis Kapetanios, Stelios Kritikos, Thodoros Romanidis, Zoza Metaxa and Yiannis Zoupantis. They promise a delightful night of joy and laughter that will remain unforgettable.

Regarding his decision to finally realize a North American tour, Markos Seferlis says that he had “the good fortune of entrusting this project to my Producer in the U.S., Aphrodite Daniel and Syn-Phonia Entertainment Inc. I feel totally confident of our success and grateful for the long warranted opportunity to spread laughter and good cheer to my fellow Greeks in the Unites States and Canada. I am certain that with my fans and the new friends that I will surely meet, we will share a lifetime of cherished memories. KALH ANTAMOSH!”

Tickets for Markos Seferlis’ upcoming show at the St. Demetrios Community Center in Upper Darby, PA, on Sunday May 04, 2014, 5:00 PM, are now on sale now.

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Republished from NEO Magazine.