Thursday, June 27th, 2019
Nameday of Pierion, Pierro, Pierre, Pieris
Steven G. Chrissos

Steven G. Chrissos passes away

Hope J. Vodantis

Hope J. Vodantis passes away

Gus V. Sermas

The Stroke of a Painter’s Brush, Gus V. Sermas

Valentini Costa

Valentini Costa passes away

Elizabeth Onassis passes away

Elias Kostans, Angel On The Corner

Jim Frangos

Jim Frangos passes away

Fr. Thornberg

Father Peter Thornberg, The Good Shepherd of the Faithful

Now We are On Greek Time, Phillies Greek Heritage Night

Marina Katranis passes away

Kostas Athanas

Kostas Athanas passes away

Michael Proios passes away

Zenon A. Stathis Obituary

Obituary for Father Constantine J. Andrews

Konstantinos Sotirakis

Konstantinos Sotirakis passes away

John Skiathitis passes away

Christopher B. Sevast

Christopher B. Sevast passes away

Dr. Despina Tsirakoglou

Dr. Despina Tsirakoglou, A Classic Physician in Modern Times

Golfo Leonardis passes away

Angelos Peltekis passes away

Markella Tsaketas

Markella Tsaketas passes away

Sophia Galanos

Sophia Galanos passes away

Yevtikhia Khartomadzhidi

Yevtikhia Khartomadzhidi passes away

St. Barbara’s Church Hosts Elikotes Annual Assembly & Service

St. Thomas “Kali Parea” celebrates 10 years

Interview with George Papadopoulos, the Family Patriarch

Frideriki Avtzipanagiotis passes away

Leonidas A. Soldatos passes away

Christos Criaris’ 100th Birthday

Leonardos Skordos passes away

Nikolaos Caravasos

Nikolaos Caravasos passes away

Hellenic Dance Festival

19th Annual Hellenic Dance Festival to Be Held in Atlanta

Anthony “Tony” Constantine Frangos passes away

Katina Chokas passes away

Cosmos Philly Pictures of the Year 2018

Stathis Kalampogias passes away

George Zarganakis passes away

Georgia Pittaulis Balassis Passes Away