Saturday, June 6th, 2020
Nameday of Ilarion, Ilarionas, Ilaria, Ilariada, Lariada
Antonios (Tony) H. Diakatos

Antonios (Tony) H. Diakatos passes away

With a Little Help from “Our” Friends

Sophia Bokas Passes Away

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Yiayia?

Celebrating Our Greek Festivals – A Photographic Tribute from 2012-2019

Akritai Host 2020 Pontian Genocide Ceremony in Upper Darby

Akritai Host Pontian Genocide Ceremony

Pontian Genocide Remembrance Day

St. Demetrios Sends A Message of Unity and Gratitude

Tula Pulos passes away

Mother or Motherhood to me

Paula Katsikis

Paula Katsikis Konstantinides, A Nurse in the Time of COVID-19

Costas Xinos

Costa Xinos Makes A Delivery

John Pratsinakis

A Thank You Note from Father Pratsinakis

Tim Mironidis Triumphs over Coronavirus, Community Celebrates

George Burlotos

A Tribute to George Burlotos

Last Farewell to George Burlotos

George Burlotos

George Burlotos passes away

Parishioners Car Rally for St. Thomas Feast Day

Paul Michos

My Kingdom for a Mask, The Story of a Pandemic, a Shortage, and a Man on a Mission

Greek news outlets interview Cosmos Philly’s Vasilios Keisoglou about an emotional moment captured at Liturgy Service

Athanasios Peltekis passes away

Ioannis Fafalios passes away

Dr. Leo Iliadis, On the Front Line of Coronavirus

Matina Trantas passes away

John Caras Bowls a Perfect 300 for the Record

Angelo Nazirides passes away

The Pratsinakis Family

Thank You from the Pratsinakis Family

Pattie D. Panagos passes away

Artemis Christou passes away

Greek Americans Rally in NYC in Support of Greece

Community Rallies to Help Grieving Family

Agoria Siozopoulos passes away

Panama, A Foreign Home

Antigone Christou passes away

GAHSP: 2020 Photo Tour, “Greek Diners and Restaurants – The Start of the American Dream”

Paraskevi Stoupaki passes away

Dr. Niki Mendrinos

Dr. Niki Mendrinos, Proof that Test Scores Aren’t Everything

Philly Churches take Gold and Silver at Annapolis Folk Dance Festival

Starting Young: The Importance of Service, Dean Kotsakis becomes Spokesperson on MLK Day

Youth, Spirit, and Community, 76ers Greek Heritage Night