Sunday, September 27th, 2020
Nameday of Akylini, Akilina, Kallistratos, Zenon, Zinon

Never Forget, Pontians commemorate Genocide

Tears shed at Philadelphia Pontian Memorial Service

Celebrating Easter with the Karolidis Family

Karolidis Family Easter party

Boston Marathon Inspires Greek Runner at Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run

Philadelphia’s Greek Orthodox community celebrates Easter 2013

Pontian Greeks join hands with Armenian community and remember the “Forgotten Genocide”

Pontian Greeks join Armenian Genocide Walk

Greek Americans, Remembering “Independence Day for Ioannina”

Philly’s Greek community celebrates 100 Years of Independence for Ioannina

Philadelphia Greek community aids Hurricane Sandy survivors

Philadelphia Federation Christmas Party Honors Phillip Nikolaidis

GOYAns retreat to St. Lukes

St. Georges Greek community Welcomes John Kastanis

The Karolidis Family Party

Pontiako Glendi with the Karolidis Family

Modern Greek in our public schools?

Tsipourathes square off for 2nd year in a row

Celebrating OHI Day

The History of Basil and the Blessing of the Waters

Asbury Park hosts 65 Annual Blessing of the Waters

Big Plans and new opening at St. Anthony’s Greek School

St. Anthony’s Greek School – Preserving our Future

Greek Orthodox and Pan Orthodox Meeting – Fall Events

John Manios, WW II Veteran

Panagia Soumela Holds service and Festival – Part 2

6th Annual Pilgrimage to Panagia Soumela

Panagia Soumela holds service and festival – Part 1

Happy Fourth of July from Cosmos Philly

Red, White and Blue, Celebrating the 4th of July

Erin Cynthia and Leah Anna Schweich Baptism

Twice as Nice, Erin Cynthia and Leah Anna Schweich Baptism

Pontian Youth Festival in Canton Ohio

Louie Karapanagiotides’ Graduation Party

Louie Karapanagiotides College Graduation Party

Drexel University honors Dr. George Tsetsekos

Celebration 23 years, Drexel Honors Dr. George Tsetsekos

Honorees Recognized, Archdiocese Awards 2012

Metropolitan Evangelos Ambassador Awards Banquet

Remembering our Greek-American Veterans