Greek-American Heritage Society of Philadelphia
Wednesday, June 26th, 2019
Nameday of Makarios

Nicholas L. Gianopulos passes away

Greek Guide to Greatness: Religion

Greek Guide to Greatness: Democracy

Greek Guide to Greatness: Free Speech

Philadelphia America’s First World Heritage City

Greek Guide to Greatness: Social Network

Hellenic College Holy Cross – Appointment of Interim Deans

Dr. George S. Ahtaridis, The Physician to the Community

Alexander Hionis passes away

Greek Guide to Greatness: Ostracism

Georgios Baxevanidis passes away

Argie Karapalides Sweet Sixteen Party

Greek Heritage Night at the Philadelphia Phillies

Gabriel Mprinias passes away

Memorial Day Services, Eleftheria VFW Post 6633

Kalliopi Karistinos passes away

Greece’s Former Finance Minister Yianis Varoufakis Visits Philadelphia

A Career in Orthodoxy, Rev. Dr. George C. Papademetriou

Hariklia “Litsa” Leontaras passes away

Service of Lamentations in Trenton

Perdikes: Celebrating a Greek Easter Tradition the Macedonian Way

Between Two Elias at the Greek Independence Day Parade

As it happens: Pan-American Protest Rally for Macedonia

George Burlotos

George Burlotos, Yia Sas

No Tax Exemption Ever Comes Free

2018 Greek Independence Day in Philadelphia

Costas Siozopoulos passes away

Lambrini Pagiota Vasiliadis passes away

Stamatia Lampos passes away

Illinois governor appoints Greek-American leader Anastasia Palivos

Dolores Barbara Peters passes away

Esther Badivani Nicholson passes away

Nicholaos Tompoutis passes away

John Tzitzis passes away

Sounds of the Motherland, Yiannis Roussos Plays the Santouri

Alexander Tanos passes away

Pictures οf the Year 2017

Theodore and Alice Mandras

Theodore and Alice Mandras pass away