Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
Nameday of Riginos, Rigina
Polixeni Karalis

Polixeni Karalis passes away

Constantine N. Alpohoritis

Constantine N. Alpohoritis passes away

Marcella C. Tsouros

Markella C. Tsouros passes away

George Lambritsios

George Lambritsios Leads the Country in Punting

Stephanie Pogas Art Show

Stephanie Pogas Hosts Art Show at Sage Cafe

2019 Danielle Kousoulis Memorial Cup

Danielle Kousoulis Memorial Cup, Never Forget

Exaltation of the Cross, Asbury Park, NJ, 2019

Orthodox Faithful Dive for the Cross

Nick Theodore sworn in for his second term as Lt. Governor

Uncle Nick of Greenville

Renee Zissios

Renee Zissios passes away

Anestis Tatsis passes away

A Final Farewell to Father Demetrios S. Katerlis

Rev. Fr. Demetrios S. Katerlis

Rev. Fr. Demetrios S. Katerlis passes away

Helen T. Mavromatis passes away

Bia Xinos

Bia Xinos passes away

Constance Paffas passes away

Efrosini Kamariotis’ Graduation Party

Chris Polites

Chris Polites, A Century of Flowers

Mary Angelos

Mary Angelos passes away

Greek-American Dora Giannakarios Preston

Dora Giannakarios Preston, They Call Me Mama

Spiros Kokolis

Spiros Kokolis passes away

Thomas Hatzipavlides passes away

John Soloman

Soloman’s Gold Mine, The Arrow of Upper Darby

Steven G. Chrissos

Steven G. Chrissos passes away

Hope J. Vodantis

Hope J. Vodantis passes away

Gus V. Sermas

The Stroke of a Painter’s Brush, Gus V. Sermas

Valentini Costa

Valentini Costa passes away

Elizabeth Onassis passes away

Elias Kostans, Angel On The Corner

Jim Frangos

Jim Frangos passes away

Fr. Thornberg

Father Peter Thornberg, The Good Shepherd of the Faithful

Now We are On Greek Time, Phillies Greek Heritage Night

Marina Katranis passes away

Kostas Athanas

Kostas Athanas passes away

Michael Proios passes away

Zenon A. Stathis

Obituary for Father Constantine J. Andrews

Konstantinos Sotirakis

Konstantinos Sotirakis passes away

John Skiathitis passes away

Christopher B. Sevast

Christopher B. Sevast passes away

Dr. Despina Tsirakoglou

Dr. Despina Tsirakoglou, A Classic Physician in Modern Times

Golfo Leonardis passes away

Angelos Peltekis passes away