Cinnaminson, NJ“It was a life time dream that now became reality. Words are not enough to describe our delight and content for sharing this magnificent night and rejoicing atmosphere with our fellow patriots”. It was the sentiment reflected by a group of musicians (Ioanna Legaki, Mayroudis Antoniou, Taso Ioannidis) from Andros, that were here this weekend to perform at a dance sponsored by the Corthion Andros Society.

Andros, is one of the biggest Islands of Greece. It is a member of the Cyclades and is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. It combines natural beauty, green beaches and traditional white washed villages. Hospitality and generosity are synonymous parts of being Andriotis. These characteristics kept them united as well, when forced to immigrate to a foreign country. Many of them reside here, in southeastern New Jersey, where they have immigrated to.

In May, 1961 after overcoming several obstacles, the Andriotis established the Brotherhood of Corthion Andros Society. On Sunday, 16th of November, 2014, the association celebrated its 53rd Annual Corthion Andros Society Dance at The Merion.

Over the course of the last ten years, the fraternity has begun to play an important and vital role, preserving and sharing information about their Island, and as a member of the Greek community in New Jersey.

During his speech, Mr. Haralambos Pantelous, president of the Federation, thanked not only the members for devoting their time and effort in order to organize this amazing event, but also the business owners who supported the Journal Book with their business advertisements and messages.

“Because of you this night is possible. Together we can pass on our love for Andros to the next generation of Andriotis”, said Pantelous. “Together, we can perform miracles,” added the vice president of the association. “We are stronger than ever and united in cause.” These were inspiring words that transcended the evening.

Three hundred people danced, laughed and carried on the traditions of their homeland, as these unforgettable moments were captured and recorded by the camera for generations to come.

Written by Eleni-Lorena Sako