Cinnaminson, NJ – The Corthion Andros Society celebrated a momentous occasion on Sunday evening at The Merion as they hosted their first dance in half a decade. The event had a dual purpose, serving as a fundraiser for the organization through the generous contributions from beautifully curated gift baskets.

The Corthion Society Dance was a heartwarming gathering, uniting multiple generations of Andriotis within the community. It marked the 62nd annual installment of this cherished tradition, bringing together a host of dedicated individuals who had long awaited the return of this event.

The evening’s proceeds from sponsorships were dedicated to a noble cause: supporting St. Thomas for the new Iconography. Each meticulously crafted icon represented a $15,000 investment toward preserving a sacred tradition.

In addition to the festivities, the evening served as a poignant opportunity to honor and remember past members who passed away, ensuring their legacy remained a vibrant part of the Corthion Andros Society’s rich history.