Those lazy days of summer have arrived, and we’ve got a treat for you. Cosmos Philly is giving away recently released Hidden Mosaics, An Aegean Tale, by the author Alexander Billinis.

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Review of Hidden Mosaics: An Aegean Tale

A mosaic is an image created when a collection of pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials is assembled together. Alexander Billinis takes a little-known history, adds long-held prejudices, culture, human connections and feelings, and a quest for self-discovery, and creates a colorful mosaic that crosses cultures and religions, spans countries.

He shows us that in a region of the world with a long, complicated history of war and conquest, that people’s personal stories, their roots, go deeper, extend farther than they imagine.

Alex reminds us that we are all intertwined, all connected in ways we do not know. Regardless of politics, religion, and culture, we all belong to the mosaic.

It’s a quick, but fascinating read. It will make you wonder how deep, and how widespread your family roots are.

About the author

Alexander Billinis is a Greek-American writer and lawyer with a deep interest in the alternative and unofficial histories of countries and individuals. Underneath the borders and structures of highly developed states and their mythologies, there is always a mosaic, waiting to be discovered. This book, while fictional, reflects the author’s passion for discovering the unofficial history beneath the official mythology, like unearthing a mosaic.

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