Cherry Hill, NJ – The Cretan society of greater Philadelphia “Knossos” annual dance was hosted this past weekend. The annual event this year, recognized the 100 year union of Crete with Greece.

The Talos Cretan dance Troupe of Cherry Hill, performed original Cretan folk dancing to the capacity filled gymnasium at St. Thomas Greek Orthodox Church. Some 16 members, ranging from ages 7 to 18 performed for nearly an hour, under the direction of Director Regina Petinos. Beaming eyes looked on as the next generation of Cretan, Greek-Americans twirled and clapped to the sounds of their historic island.

The special occasion drew on the Cretan community from across North America and featured Lyra player Nikos Zoidakis and his orchestra, all the way from Crete. Through out the night, handfuls of dollars were thrown on to the dance floor and the band by an enthusiastic crowd that danced the night away while Zoidakis strummed his Lyra.

Cretan music and dance lovers flooded the dance floor, while men showed off their acrobatic skills. A few men passionate about their cultural roots, displayed their love of traditional folk attire by wearing a Sarikia (Cretan head scarf). Sarikia are traditional headgear for men on the island of Crete and are not worn anymore, but can be seen at ceremonies and events that honor Cretan culture.