Dancing is a form of healthy physical exercise. Then Greek dancing must be twice as good because it’s about body and soul. “Bouzoukia Night” is all about this tradition that comes to Philly with Yiannis Papastefanou & Orchestra.

Come out and celebrate this cultural treat “Bouzoukia Night” as it’s done in Greece. Flowers will be made available to shower the entertainers and your friends. While the dance floor, tables and chairs will welcome your best moves.

“Cocktail tables will surround the bar and other areas for people to stand. No one is obligated to sit at a table. We just want folks to rejoice and celebrate our community and share our culture”, says organizer Kiki Karamitopoulos-Felfelis.

Doors open on Saturday, October 1st, starting at 9:00 pm in the big hall of St. Demetrios. Get your dance shoes on and prepare to celebrate. It’s the perfect night to bring in the fall season with friends and relive this custom that yes, we Greeks invented too. Tickets are only $25, and you can text or message to reserve your table. The first tables are already gone.

The evening is sponsored and hosted by the Pan-Macedonian Society of Philadelphia.

October 1st, 2016, 9 pm
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
229 Powell Ln, Upper Darby, PA 19082
Tickets: Kiki (Phone: 610-909-7449)
Cost: $25, $20 (with college ID)