Williamstown, NJ – A Photograph of Danielle Kousoulis sat at the corner of the banquet room, as golfers, family and members of the Greek-American community celebrated her life which was lost at 9-11 in NY. On Tuesday, the Danielle Kousoulis Memorial Cup was hosted for the 12th time now at Scotland Run Golf course in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Danielle Kousoulis grew up in Haddon twp. and was a member of St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church in Cherry Hill. The community center is named in honor of Danielle, and hosts a photograph of her at the entrance with an American flag. A member of the GOYA and a very good Greek dancer, she is described by her mother Zoe, as a vibrant kid who had a response for whatever you told her. Strong willed and hard working, Danielle was a success story. Immediately following college she went right to work for Cantor Fitzgerald, at one of the Towers that fell on that historic day.

Through out the day, Danielle’s parents George and Zoe, greeted guests and golfers who came out for the day and in the evening. Brother Peter, played golf along side friends, while daughter Eleni, hosted the banquet and awards ceremony that gave out prizes and more importantly raised scholarships in honor of Danielle. The two scholarships will be given to Haddon Twp. H.S. and St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church. Two senior students will be awarded the funds raised from the day.

With the tournament now in its twelve year, Danielle continues to touch the lives of those who knew her and those who will walk in her footsteps through church and high school. Her spirit continues to be a source of inspiration and remembrance.