Dia Karamitopoulos Yiantsos is a professional certified makeup artist with over 15 years of experience. After graduating at the top of her class from Jean Madeline, Dia began working for MAC Cosmetics as a certified artist. Since then, she has created her own makeup business, working with celebrities, presenters, and models.

Her strong work ethic comes from her father, who had an ironworking factory in Greece, and her mom, who used to work with him to translate the English language. Her father designed many beautiful spaces throughout Greece and the United States, and growing up with such hard-working parents taught Dia to strive to put that level of perfection into her work as well.

Today, Dia uses her attention to detail and faith to remain successful. “Have faith in yourself, what you do and believe in,” she says. “Remaining humble and serving the community is the best way o feel the happiness you bring to other people.” Dia serves her community by donating makeup and her services to local charities. She has been involved with a Greek organization that volunteers, contributes, and spreads philanthropy throughout the United States and Greece since she was a little girl.

Since starting her business, Dia has worked at NYC Fashion Week, has showcased her makeup in two runway shows in the city, and has been a celebrity makeup artist and a makeup host for television shows. Dia has recently launched a brand new studio that is by appointment only and will release even more updates on her social media platforms.