Moorestown, NJ – The aromas and flavors-perfect. The Agricultural Center as a backdrop-fun. The Stoxos Greek band-intimate. All together they added up to a perfect evening that celebrated a food experience like no other.

Kuzina by Sofia hosted its second annual Dinner and Glendi on The Farm – al fresco. The food was all farm fresh and locally grown, right down to the lamb and all from right here, at the Burlington County Agricultural Center. Some 75 guests attended the affair that was hosted by Assad Khoury and his wife chef Sofia Karakasidou-Khoury, who the restaurant was named after. Kuzina by Sofia normally run out of their Cherry Hill location decided it was time to give the people an outdoor dining experience for the second year in a row.

The meal featured a champagne cocktail reception rich with orektika appetizers, followed by a fabulous 4 course dinner, prepared on site by chef Sofia Karakasidou-Khoury and assisted by chef Tony Kavalieros.

What makes the Kuzina stand out above all the rest of the Greek restaurants around the area, is their attention to their customers. Assad’s hospitality is second to none, said one guest. He makes you feel like you’re sharing a meal with a friend. He strolls by the tables and casually fills your drink and tells you a little history about the food. If the moment calls for it, he even sits down and shares a drink with you, all the while making it look like a friend had stopped over.

Sophia hails from Thessaloniki Greece where her Pontian Greek background is reflected in her hospitality. By the time your food has gotten to plate, rest assure, it’s past by her only if it’s to her liking. With a smile and a twisted nod of approval it’s time to eat.

Attentive to detail, and tradition, Sophia and Assad bring to the metropolitan community a dining experience that is relaxed, authentic and tastes as good as you get in Greece. Maybe even better. Kuzina by Sofia makes it’s home on route 70 in Cherry Hill New Jersey, just 15 minutes off the Ben Franklin Bridge.The only question left asking is, when will they come to Philly?