Tuesday, August 20th, 2019
Nameday of Iliodoros, Iliodora, Heliodora, Eldora, Eleadora, Eleodora, Elda, Samouel, Samuel, Sam, Theoharis, Theoharoula, Haroula

Easter Service Tradition Continues at Evangelismos

As it happens: First Resurrection at Evangelismos

Midnight Office of Pascha at Evangelismos

Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great in Jeffersonville

Holy and Great Saturday at Evangelismos of Theotokos

Service of Lamentations in Trenton

Epitafios Preparations at Evangelismos of Theotokos

St. Thomas Good Friday Preperations, Services and Educating the Youth

Orthros of the Passion of Christ Service at St. Thomas

3rd Bridegroom Service and Hymn of Kassiani at St. Demetrios

Perdikes: Celebrating a Greek Easter Tradition the Macedonian Way

Palm Sunday at Holy Trinity in Wilmington

Palm Sunday Great Hierarchical Vespers

Evangelismos of Theotokos Commemorates Anastasi with a Big Bang

As it happens: Anastasi at Evangelismos of Theotokos

Paschal Encyclical of Metropolitan Evangelos

First Anastasi Rings Out at St. Demetrios

As it happens: First Resurrection Service at Evangelismos in Philadelphia

St. Demetrios Good Friday Service

Epitafios Preparations at Evangelismos of Theotokos in Philadelphia

Epitafios Decorations at St. Demetrios

Great and Holy Thursday Evening Services at St. Thomas

The Greek Orthodox Byzantine Choir performs, Ecclesiastical Hymnology of Holy and Great Lent

Palm Sunday Celebrated at St. Demetrios

As it happens: Palm Sunday Liturgy Service from Evangelismos

Anastasis at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

First Resurrection Services at St. Demetrios and Evangelismos

Holy and Great Friday at Evangelismos

Great Friday Services at St. Thomas

Greek Orthodox Churches Prepare Epitafios Across Philadelphia

Holy and Great Thursday at Evangelismos

Holy and Great Wednesday at Evangelismos

Chios Easter Tradition at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

Crack This. I’ve uncovered the secrets to a guaranteed Easter egg cracking victory!

Epitafios circles Greek Orthodox Cathedral neighborhood – Photo gallery


Realization of the Reality that is… Magiritsa

Holy Friday Observance at St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Elkins Park Greek community prepares for Holy Friday – Photo gallery