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Greek American immigrant, Elias Kostans, has been a crossing guard in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, for twenty-five years. His personality and goodwill to students and people that cross his path every day has been recognized by many in the community. “He’s our Angel On The Corner,” said one neighbor. Always cheerful and helpful, he is a fixture at the intersection of Walnut Street and Long Lane where people have come to trust and expect to see. Some even say he is that bright spot that inspires them to go on with their day.

At age eighty-seven, he rides his bicycle back and forth to work twice a day to continue his duties as a crossing guard. There, he greets police, bus drivers, students, and passers-by with a series of waves, a thumbs up, his signature salute, or a big smile. If someone needs a hand, he’s quick to help. Getting across the street, or off a bus with groceries, he’s quick to his feet. “I always go early and always stay late,” says Elias. A former police officer and now Upper Darby Safe Street Coordinator, Thomas Nee says, “I wish I had a hundred Louie’s. I’d be very happy.”

Beloved by the community, his family, and all those that know him, this film is a tribute to the human spirit and character we all should emulate to live by each day.