Williamstown, NJ – Two years after the loss of Danielle Kousoulis at the tragedy known as 9-11, the annual Danielle Kousoulis Memorial Cup Tournament was established. For 15 years now, her family and friends continue to observe her memory with this event. On Monday, at Scotland Run Golf course, this event, now an annual tradition continued.

One family friend described the loss as bittersweet. “Although we have lost Danielle, through her memory, and this occasion, we help others”. The Danielle Kousoulis Memorial Cup golf tournament awards two student scholarships. One, from her alma mater, (Haddonfield h.s.), the other, a Greek school student from St. Thomas Greek Orthodox Church (Cherry Hill, NJ), where she attended. Two places that shaped her life.

Those students, that receive the scholarships bear the testament of Danielle’s legacy for the next generation. They are the inheritors of a life that touched many and left an endearing mark.