Friday, December 9th, 2022
Nameday of Anna, Annita, Anneta, Hanna, Aneza, Anezina, Anezinio, Anais

Easter message from the Epirotes Society of Philadelphia

As it happens: Palm Sunday at St. George Cathedral in Philadelphia

As it happens: The Divine Liturgy and the Artoklasia in honor of the feast of Saints Constantine and Helen

A Message from the President of Philadelphia’s Epirotes Society

An Outstanding Night for the 14th Tsipourovradia

Tsipourovrathia: the 14th Annual Night of Glendi

A Night of Kefi, The Society of Epirotes of Philadelphia “Omonia” Annual Dance turns Thirteen

Epirotes Society of Philadelphia “Omonia” to Host Doxology Service Anniversary

Tsipourovrathia, The Thirteenth Annual Night of Glendi

Society of Epirotes of Philadelphia

Epirotes of Philadelphia “Omonia” – New Leaders and Vasilopita Cutting

A Night of Kefi at the Epirotes Tsipourovrathia

Rina Karamanides wins Lira at Vasilopita Cutting

Epirotes of Philadelphia to Host 12th Tsipouro Night

Society of Epirotes of Philadelphia “Omonia” Celebrates 11th Tsipourovrathia

Come Celebrate the 11th Annual Tsipourovradia

Vasilopita Cutting and New Board Members for Epirotes Society of Philadelphia “Omonia”

Philadelphia Epirotes Contribute to Monastery

Patsa, Piperi and Klarino, 10th Annual Tsipourovrathia

Epirotes to Celebrate the 10th Annual Tsipourovrathia

Lira Tradition at Epirotes Society New Year’s Meeting

Society of Epirotes gives to Orphans at Monastery and recognizes community leaders

The Society of Epirotes of Philadelphia “Omonia” keeps the Tsipouro Pouring

Tsipouro fans enjoy tradition in Upper Darby – Photo gallery

Spanakopita – That’s how Epirotes roll our Tradition

Epirotes of Philadelphia, “Omonia” Host Tsipouro Night

Epirotes of Philadelphia “Omonia” Cut Vasilopita – Photo gallery

Tsipouro Unites Epirotes

Epirotes Society Omonia Celebrates 75 years

Epirotes announce the 8th Annual Tsipouro Night in Philadelphia

Epirotes Unite and Celebrate “Tsipourovrathia”