Yesterday, the Upper Darby community of St. Demetrios celebrated Greek Independence Day with immense enthusiasm and joy.

The highlight of the event was the visit of the Evzones, the elite soldiers who had traveled all the way from Greece to honor the 25th of March anniversary. Under the guidance of Father Alexandros Kaitidis and the patronage of parish council president Mr. Michalis Economou, the soldiers gave an informative presentation to the Greek school’s students.

The Evzones illuminated the rich history of their ancestors and meticulously detailed the various components of their striking uniforms, capturing the audience’s attention.

The event was a unique celebration of Greek culture and heritage, brought to life by the talented students of the Greek School. The highlight of the evening was the students’ performance of the iconic Greek military march folk song, “Makedonia Ksakousti,” which is often regarded as the regional anthem of Greek Macedonia. The students sang with a sense of pride and passion, their voices ringing out through the hall under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Marilena Drakou.

Adding to the already captivating atmosphere, the 7th and 8th-grade students dressed up in traditional costumes and performed two traditional Greek dances with exceptional grace and precision. They were led by their teacher, Mrs. Katerina Christoforidou, who had trained them tirelessly for this moment. The audience was spellbound by the students’ spectacular performance, which left a lasting impression on everyone present.