In case you’ve been wondering about the number 1 Greek-American blogger Harry Karapalides, known to Cosmos Philly fans as “The Philly Greek-Stake,” well here’s an update. While his blog may seem to be on hiatus, truth be told, he’s still employed by Cosmos Philly, and recently told us that he has a few blogs ready to go!

So where has he been? Karapalides, if you haven’t heard, has gone off to find himself in the far depths of the writing world and has produced a series of short fiction novels titled FlashReads. These are 100 to 150 page stories that you read in a day or two and on the go, as he states on his website at

His latest endeavor, entitled, “The Family Tree,” is about a man named David Alpheus who sits his great-grandson, Edward, down and opens a special book that chronicles the family tree, but Edward is surprised to see that there is only one page in the book. Alpheus explains, “Looks are deceiving. We are an old family… a very old family.” The book goes on to tell the stories of many of the family’s colorful ancestors and their exploits and a twist at the end certainly gives the reader something to think about.

Karapalides also just announced the soon-to-be released spooky thriller, “The Hayride,” that will leave you panting and parched. You may never want to take another haunted hayride again.

In addition to the FlashReads series, Karapalides has also written several novels and has taken all of the Cosmos Philly Greek-Stake blog he has written and placed them in his book, “Life in the Key of Greek.” A must for Cosmos Philly fans.

All of his books are available in paperback or on Kindle on and the FlashReads series are a perfect summertime stretch of the imagination. Whether you’re lying on the beach in Mykonos or the Jersey shore, Karapalides will take you on a journey.

We invite all our fans and friends to check out his website and all of his books, including the FlashReads series. Like his writing on Cosmos Philly, Karapalides continues to entertain us, but this time, he explores the boundaries of his imagination in the world of fiction with this FlashReads series.