The new advert reflects the brand’s history, provenance and heritage. The advert is set in Greece in what appears to be 1926, the year that founder, Athanassios Filippou first opened a small dairy in Athens. The opening scene shows a cheeky young boy encouraging a cow out of its field and through a gate, subsequently rescuing it so to be rewarded by his mother with a delicious bowl of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt. At the end of the advert, viewers will hear the ringtone of a mobile phone and realise that they have been taken on a journey through present-day, rural Greece which appears to be virtually unchanged for the past 90 years. The strapline will then be revealed to read TOTAL Greek Yoghurt, unchanged since 1926.

To give the footage a characteristically older and softer look, the Director of Photography filmed with 35mm film, using vintage lenses. Multiple prints from the 35mm negative were combined and then the team went through the painstaking process of isolating specific areas of colour to pick out, in order to create the finished vintage colour film look, with some scenes actually hand painted!

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