Situated on Fairmount street in the Fairmount district of Philadelphia, it’s called, Fare. This past Sunday evening the Greek community of Philadelphia poured in for the very first time for Greek nights.  Its contemporary and chic style, were a perfect setting for the community to mingle over a few drinks and listen to a little Greek music.

The atmosphere at Fare, unites two aspects of Greece. Beach earth tones, amber colored tables and a rustic fire place,  reflect the Greek islands and mountain villages Greece is famous for. If you’re looking for a leisurely Grecian night out with friends than this place is perfect. It’s unique style promises to be a regular stop for Greeks looking to lay back and reflect on the day. Fare opens it’s doors to the Greek community after 10:00 pm on Sunday nights.

2028 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

(267) 639-3063