Upper Darby, PA – George Maniatis was elected the new Vice President of the Hellenic Federation of Greek-American Societies of Philadelphia and Greater Delaware Valley last night at the Pontian Society clubhouse.

“I’m very excited about being part of the Federation and what I can bring to the organization,” said Maniatis. “We need young people to get involved and carry on the preservation of Hellenism here in the Delaware Valley. That is my ultimate goal, getting us involved”, added Maniatis.

Maniatis will certainly have big shoes to fill and challenges. Maniatis is the youngest person ever to be elected to the post of Vice President of the Federation. That positions primarily role is to organize and manage the annual Greek Independence Day Parade, the primary focus of the organization.

Besides youth, Maniatis bring a background fit for leadership and a tie to the generation before him. Maniatis has held several key positions in the Pan-Macedonian Society of Philadelphia and grew up in the historic Greek-American community of Upper Darby.

He has also worked closely inside other organizations and will likely seek advice from former President and father Sotiris Maniatis. Sotiris was the president of the Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of Philadelphia and Greater Delaware Valley from 1998-2006 and vice president in 1996-1997. This a long legacy to live up to. Under his Father’s Presidency, the organization thrived and hosted the Evzones regularly at the annual parade. Even though the organization is running on an upswing these past few years, that goal will be a challenge to keep this year, because of the Greek government’s policy changes.

The meeting also recorded several new board and staff positions that will be announced on the Federation website this coming week.

Furthermore, the annual membership dues highlighted the evening’s affair. The Federation voted to raise the dues from $250 to $500, to help pay for the annual parade. The parade expenses range from $45,000 to $55,000. Annual dues were kept at $250 for more than 20 years. The membership fee should have been raised years ago, but was left until this year. “And even with the dues being doubled, fundraising efforts will still be necessary to host the annual parade,” said former President George Horiatis.

An assembly/meeting will be announced for next month. Anyone wishing to visit and see what is happening in the Greek community is invited to come out.