The PGBL league action featured some close calls in yesterdays match ups. With the playoffs just two weeks away, blue and white divisions teams are putting together attacks, with a lot of passion.

Upper Darby, PA – It was a night built on close calls. All three matches were just a few points in any direction. In the end, the favorites took it home, but not before a little work took place.

In game one, the two playoff bound teams the Wolfpack and the Rip City battled it out in a game that the Wolfpack led although the way through. Final score: Wolfpack 51, Rip City 45.

The second match up feature the Mavericks and the Warriors. Two teams struggling. The Warriors had to work for it but pulled away and won. Final score: Warriors 59, Mavericks 54.

Spartans and team Hellas put on a show in the final game that kept the Spartans hopes alive. They advanced to the final playoff spot with their victory. Final score: Spartans 64, Hellas 55.