Greek legend George Dalaras will begin a tour in New York on November 20 and perform in theaters across the United States and Canada, eight years after this last tour.

“Rembetiko Unplugged” is the title of this grand musical journey, which is a tribute to rembetiko music. This is a style that George Dalaras has approached with consistency and knowledge throughout his career. In the past, critics in Europe have tied these rembetiko performances with flamenco and fado.

Possessing a deep knowledge on the style, Dalaras has revitalized rembetiko, making its timeless elements known to the European audience. Dalaras will perform songs by Markos Vamvakaris, Vasilis Tsitsanis, Apostolos Kaldaras, Apostolos Hatzichristos, but also songs of important Smyrnaian composers such as Vaggelis Papazoglou. George Dalaras will sing and play (guitar, bouzouki, and oud) with an exceptional orchestra and with two great singers: Aspasia Stratigou, a collaborator in recent years, and Athina Lambiri, who is at the beginning of her career. In addition to singer, Lambiri is also a musician who performs in a charming manner. With them is singer-musician Vasilis Korakakis, son of the great folk composer, Vangelis Korakakis.

With them will be eight excellent soloist-musicians that will “dress up” the songs with their craftsmanship and taste. They are: George Papachristoudis (piano), Thanasis Sofras (bass), Hristos Zervas (guitar), Andreas Katsigiannis (santur), Dasso Kourti (accordion), Giorgos Matsikas and Konstantinos Gedikis (bouzouki), and Vasilis Korakakis (song and bouzouki). George Dalaras selected the music for the performances and he in collaboration with George Papachristoudis made the orchestrations.

When & Where

November 20: New York – Town Hall
November 22: Atlantic City – Caesars Hotel & Casino
November 26: Montreal – Rialto Theatre
November 29: Boston – Back Bay Events Center
November 30: Chicago – Harris Theater
December 4: Toronto – Music Hall

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