Greek folk dance is a deep part of the Greek-American experience throughout the United States. The Podcast Syrtos hosted by Evan Euripidou and Maria Panayotou dives into this experience and explores the paths and passion of individuals who keep Greek folk dance alive. In this podcast, they interview Phil Voutsakis, who speaks about his dance experiences, favorite regions, and traditions. This Philly native also weighs in on the best place to get a cheesesteak, and you may be surprised with his answer.

Maria and Evan have been instructors, dancers and even founded a folk dance group together. With the goals of increasing the depth of understanding around Greek folk dance and honoring those who keep the traditions going, the Syrtos podcast hopes to spark further discussion in Greek folk and traditional arts for its listeners! You can find the Syrtos podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Phil Voutsakis has been a Greek folk dancer for 20+ years and was a founding member of the St. George Zephyros Seniors folk dance group in 2003, a GOYA aged (7th – 12th Graders) group. Years later, Phil was brought back to instruct the group in 2016. Under Phil’s instruction, the Zephyros Seniors have taken first at the Metropolis of New Jersey’s Folk Dance Festival and the regional Sights and Sounds competition for the past 3 years. Phil’s passion for dance comes from an appreciation for its integral part of the community and a reverence for traditions.

Phil is also a dancer in the Pan-Macedonian Association of Philadelphia’s Spirit of Macedonia dance group. His dance-related goals include creating a multi-aged dance group, as are commonplace in Greece, to keep people dancing as they get to different stages of their lives. His favorite dance is Neizamikos from Naoussa.