Broomall, PA – Annunciation of Elkins Park rolled over St. George of Media yesterday in what may have been a preview to a semifinal playoff in GOYA league action. Annunciation blazed out to a 14-0 leap in the first 6 minutes of the game before St. George could get on board. Speed and shooting dominated the play of Annunciation. But also noted, was their ability to control the boards against St. George. Annunciation led through out the game and continue to build on their lead, dismantling St. George by a final score of 54 to 36.

Now coming in to it’s final week of the season, presumable next week, as the schedule lists, teams are finding out where they stack up in for the playoffs. In the boys A division, Annunciation of Elkins Park stands a the top of the heap, undefeated. St. George of Media holds on to the fourth slot and that’s where it appears that they will be, when the playoffs kick off in a few weeks. If these two teams match up for the playoffs, St. George is going to have to come up with a strategy against last years champs they’ve never seen before to beat them.