February 9, 2013. Broomall, Pa.-The semi-final rounds were completed this past Sunday at St. Lukes Greek Orthodox church. Four teams showed why their going to the big game.

St. Lukes 32, Evangelismos (Bustleton) 22 – (GIRLS)

Although they had a slow start, St. Lukes’ determination kept them ahead of Evangelismos the whole game. At some point as much as by 10 points. It didnt appear that Evangelismos was gelling together today. Tough defense and a bit of late pressing along with a heart felt effort by Stephanie Karalis was more than enough to complete the home turf victory for St. Lukes, who advances to the championship against Holy Trinity in two weeks.

Holy Trinity 18, St. George 12 – (GIRLS)

The first match up featured the Holy Trinity (girls) of Egg Harbor who has held on to the 1st place position all year against St. George (girls) of Media, Pa. Several 3 point shots, tough defense and a dominating 1st half, were enough to hold off a late comeback by St. George. Holy Trinity girls will advance to the championship round.

Holy Trinity 42, St. George 34, – (BOYS)

The 1st period appeared to be all St. George of Media who shut out Holy Trinity by a score of 10-0. But it was not to be. although the score was close at half time, Holy Trinities Vasil Stoimenov, (possible the leagues biggest player) turned on his talents, dropping 22 points and leading all scorers. Holy Trinity held on to win and advance to the championship round in two weeks against Elkins Park.

Annunciation 46, Evangelismos 39 – (BOYS)

Elkins Park showed why it is still the championship team to beat. The returning champs came out running at full speed and held a commanding lead at half time 28-19. There point guards speed and ability to move the ball up and down the court at ease was just to much for the Bustleton boys to stop. There match up with the Holy Trinity boys of Egg Harbor will bring together two teams with a lot of speed and ability to score a lot of points quickly. For all the match ups and action coverage, be sure to check in at Cosmosphilly.com in two weeks.Tomorrow, our video interviews will feature each victorious team that will advance.