Upper Darby, PA – Last night the St. George boys (Media) basketball team made a statement by decisively handling the fast paced St. Demetrios basketball team in the consolation game of the Delaware Valley Greek Orthodox Basketball league. The game started and ended with a three point shot that seemed to find a home all night for St. George. AJ Aivazoglou led the way with 4 of the 8 three point shots that sank for St. George. Aivazoglou controlled the tempo through much of the night for his team with his ball handling and led all scores with 23 points. Angelo Karakasis did nearly as much damage for St. George, by adding 17 points and helping his team dominate under the boards.

As for St. Demetrios, converting buckets on offense seemed nearly impossible the whole night. Of the 9 three point attempts only 2 found a home. They did manage a solid baseline attack on offensive, but were unable to convert, missing rebound after rebound from inside the paint.

By halftime St. George jumped out to a 29-12 lead and never looked back. Coach John Aivazoglou of St. George made sure of that, by using his timeouts very strategically throughout the game. Each time he saw St. Demetrios try and put together a run, he immediately called for a timeout, and regrouped the St. George boys. This kept the St. D’s boys from finding their rhythm all night.

The St. George boys, who ended the season with a 2-4 record and were a number 5 seed, showed how much they had grown and matured as a team over the course of the year. The easily beat St. Demetrios, who ended their regular season with a winning record of 4-2 and had a number 3 seed.

Final score: St. George 59, St. Demetrios 27.