Last Monday, the Greek American VFW Post 6633 held a ceremony at Fernwood Cemetery, a place of profound significance, to honor and remember those who died in military service. The event was a powerful display of unity, with many relatives, acquaintances, and veterans coming together for a shared purpose: to respect the deceased profoundly. The Memorial, where many individuals are buried, stands as a testament to the Post’s unwavering commitment and the community’s shared values.

The Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is divided into 12 districts, representing various VFW Posts throughout the state. District 7 VFWs, including Delaware County, played an active role in coordinating the event. Curtis Cummings, the Quartermaster and a prominent figure within the Post, meticulously oversaw the service’s logistics, ensuring every detail was in place for a dignified occasion.

Established in 1946, the VFW Post 6633 initially had over 60 members. Over the years, it has grown and become an integral part of the community. During the recent assembly to honor their fallen comrades, the names of deceased VFW Post members were respectfully recited, ensuring that their sacrifices will forever be remembered.

The atmosphere at Fernwood Cemetery was solemn yet imbued with gratitude and remembrance as Eleftheria VFW Post 6633, a Greek-American veterans’ organization, conducted its annual Memorial Day service. The event paid homage to the courageous men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country while also honoring the enduring legacy of the VFW Post, which has been an integral part of the community for over seven decades, a profoundly esteemed and valued legacy.